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Gribble Well Drilling - How It All Works

Our customers have a lot of the same questions:
  • How do we find water?
  • How deep will we need to drill?
  • Can I, or should I deepen my existing water well?
  • Where do I find the info on my well?
  • Should I use a witcher or dowser? Do they work?
We will do our part to help you sort out all of these questions and give you the right advice based on years of experience. No other company can offer you so many years of real experience and knowledge of this region. Each well is different so each question has a different answer based on the area it's in. I feel that it's very important that when I get calls from customers and potential clients that I see the project through from start to finish.

From the first call to the final work, I will be the person taking care of you. You won't have a secretary, salesman and then a driller. I will handle all aspects of your project, from simple questions to the final paperwork.

If you have a question, contact me and will do my best to answer it. The State of Oregon has a lot of well data available online now so as a service we offer a link to the data base direct from here. So now you can look up info on wells in your area at your convenience, make copies and find your own well log.
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